At Hills Dental Group, we understand that tooth loss can be stressful and challenging.

Dental Implants

At Hills Dental Group, we understand that tooth loss can be stressful and challenging.

Dental Implants

Having missing teeth doesn’t only affect the appearance of your smile. It also impacts your ability to speak and eat.

When you have one or more teeth missing, it places excessive stress on your remaining teeth. Missing teeth can also result in your bite becoming altered over time.

Dental implants are a popular modern solution for missing teeth. They provide a fixed alternative to their less permanent counterparts, like dentures. Implants provide a stable attachment point for natural-looking and fully-functioning prosthetic teeth. A process called osseointegration takes place. This process allows your implants to fuse with the surrounding bone. New bone develops around these new artificial tooth roots, making them a part of your body. Just like the natural tooth that was once in its place!

Modern implant dentistry has made the process of getting dental implants increasingly accurate and effective. Where 2D x-rays were once used for the placement of dental implants, we now use 3D data to plan the ideal placement.

Adelaide Hills Dental Implants

At our dental practice in Stirling, we have successfully transformed many patients’ lives with dental implants. The process for getting dental implants needs several dental appointments and usually takes place over a few months. However, their transformative results are well worth the wait.

You’ll begin by having a consultation during which we take the time to listen to and understand your concerns. We will take a digital scan of your teeth and your jaw. This helps us assess the spacing available in your bone and gum tissue for the implant/s.

The next phase involves the insertion of small titanium posts into your jaw. This is completed with a small surgical procedure. These titanium posts will provide anchors for your custom-made prosthetic teeth. During the healing process, you may have temporary teeth fitted. These will be replaced with your permanent prosthetic teeth once you have fully healed.

You may need a few appointments to perfect the fit of your new teeth. But once you and your dentist are happy and no further adjustments are needed, your new smile is good to go!

A Lifelong Smile Investment

Investing in dental implants is a smart way to reduce costs in the future. Why? Because dental implants, if well looked after, can last for decades. Dentures and bridges wear out over time and eventually need replacing, but your dental implants could last you a lifetime.

Why let missing teeth inhibit your life and hold you back from having a smile you love?
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